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Generating Configuration Files for CI

When setting up continuous integration for a project, manually editing host specific configuration has always annoyed me. The ciconfiggenerator gem sets out to free you from fiddling with config files in your ci job's workspace directory.

Instead, it lets you create templates for ignored config files. For each of those .yml files, simply commit an accompanying file and run the ci:config:generate rake task at the beginning of your ci job. While copying files, the task interpolates environment variables:

  output_bucket: "com.example.test"
  api_key: "%{API_KEY}"

That way, passwords and other secret bits of data do not need to be stored in the repository, but can be configures as build parameters via your ci servers admin interface.

As an additional benefit, new developers on your team can follow a self documented and continuously tested path to obtain a passing test suite.

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